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Birds of Rockingham County, 2nd Edition

This beautiful updated version contains separate accounts for each of the 314 reported species and is illustrated by more than 90 crisp color photos. The book follows the format of Editor Clair Mellinger’s 1998 first edition and will be a valuable resource for birders interested in detailed information about birding in the County along with when, where, and which species to expect; and which to be surprised by! The book describes current information on 21 popular birding locations, how to access them, and species occurrence at each. It also provides interesting information on the geography and geology of the County and describes frequency and population trends of species using a host of data sources and the knowledge of our experienced birders. The data includes local and digital (eBird) reports, Christmas Bird Counts, Goldfinch Gazette reports, and data comparisons between the first (1985–1989) Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas and eBird field reports for the 2nd Breeding Bird Atlas project (2016–2020.) (Please note that this book is not a field guide and does not delve into details of species identification, although it does frequently touch on suitable habitat.)

A second printing of this book is now available for purchase. Cost is $30.00 for non-members, $27.50 for members, tax included. Books can be purchased at our monthly meetings or shipped to you. See the order form for shipping details.

Download the order form and mail check and form to:

Rockingham Bird Club
949 Northfield Ct.
Harrisonburg, VA 22802

Birds of Rockingham County

Local Birding Records: The Club published The Birds of Rockingham County in 1998. The PDF version of this book is available for download.