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Bird Seed Sale: Our annual seed sale of this-year’s crop, high-quality seed is the Club’s main fundraiser. Proceeds provide funding for speakers at monthly meetings, local conservation projects, and support for many other conservation organizations that benefit birds and nature.

Go to our store to place an online order for bird seed (and renew your membership at the same time) and pay with PayPal, Venmo, or credit card. Alternatively, download and print out a paper form to place your order. Orders will be available for pickup at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds on Saturday, November 11th. If you order at least $300 in seeds, your annual membership fee is waived.

The deadline for ordering is Thursday, October 12, 2023. Pick up your order on Saturday, November 11th between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm at the Poultry Exhibit Building, #24 at Rockingham County Fairgrounds, 4808 S Valley Pike, Harrisonburg, VA.  Please follow the EVENT signs and stay in your car for curbside service! You will enter at Gate 5 and exit through Gate 4. If you are not in town November 11th, please make arrangements to have someone pick up your order.

  • BLACK OIL SUNFLOWER: Research shows that this is the most preferred of all the seeds for wild birds, having a thin shell and high oil content for needed energy. If you only want one kind of seed, this is it. 
  • SHELL-FREE MIX: A “no-mess, no-hull” mix of white millet, sunflower chips, cracked corn, peanut hearts and canary seed.  Works well in any type of feeder!
  • GOURMET WILD BIRD MIX: This is a taster’s choice blend of black oil sunflower seeds and chips, millet, nyjer and safflower. There is no milo in this ultra blend and TWO bag sizes to choose from!
  • LYRIC FRUIT & NUT:  A high energy mix of select fruits, shell-free nuts & seeds.  Contains: cherries, cranberry, raisins, Valencia peanuts, almonds, pecans, cashews, sunflower kernels, pumpkin seeds, crimped corn.  NO FILLER, NO WASTE! This can be your winter present to your birds.
  • CRACKED CORN: Just what the name indicates, this seed is a favorite of waterfowl, doves and game birds.  When the juncos and sparrows return to your yard in winter, this is a favorite food!
  • WHITE PROSO MILLET: This is perfect seed for ground feeding birds – juncos, white-throated and song sparrows, towhees and doves.  Broadcast the millet.  Place in platform and/or ground feeders. Mix your own blends.
  • PEANUT SPLITS:  4 LB BAGS. These peanut halves are high in energy and loved by woodpeckers, titmice, blue jays, and chickadees.  Mix in with your favorite seed or serve alone! 
  • SUNFLOWER CHIPS: These are sunflower seeds with very high energy and NO HULLS! While it seems more expensive, you will save and be happy for less mess.  The birds love it.
  • NYJER: This is thistle seed and an absolute favorite of finch and other small songbirds. It is easy to use in thistle feeders and thistle socks, perfect for the finches, but discouraging to larger birds.
  • SAFFLOWER: This seed is the 2nd most-favored seed of cardinals.  The nuisance birds and squirrels do not like safflower.  It blends well with other seeds.
  • HOMEMADE PEANUT BUTTER SUET CAKES:  Approximately 12 oz. – this gourmet suet cake fits square, wire feeders or will cut to fit your suet log feeder – loved by all birds.  Refrigerate to store.
  • THISTLE SOCKS: The 10” long nylon bag holds your nyjer seed. It is fun to watch the Goldfinches hang on this sock to feed.